Calgary Chapter Peacekeeper


Robert Hubert, MMM, CD

Canadian Association of Veterans
In United Nations Peacekeeping

  1. Enlisted Fort Osbourne Bks Winnipeg, MN (1952).

  2. Posted in Ipperwash, ON, for Basic Training.

  3. Posted to Wainwright, AB, for Advanced Training.

  4. Posted to Currie Bks 3-PPCLI Calgary, AB, for Unit Training.

  5. Posted to 3-PPCLI, Korea (1953-1954): Travelled to Korea via Tokyo and landed in Shamaia, North Pacific, for re-fuelling.

  6. Posted back to 2-PPCLI Calgary, AS (1954), for Unit Training.

  7. Posted to Germany as reinforcement to 2-PPCLI for one-year assignment with Nato (1955)

  8. Posted to 2-PPCL Calgary, AS (1956): Unit Training

  9. Posted to Fort Churchill, MN: On General Duty, (1957-1958) (completed Winter Warfare Training) (Out on Tundra) (During I.G.Y.) Farley Mowat Toured Them.

  10. Posted to 1-PPCLI Victoria, SC (1958): Annually field-trained in Wainright, AB

  11. Posted to Germany 2nd Tour (1963-1966).

  12. Posted to Edmonton, AS (1966-1968).

  13. Posted to Cyprus with 1-PPCLI, UN: Duty for 6-month tour (1968).

  14. Posted to 1-PPCLI Calgary, AB: Unit Training with 1-PPCLI.

  15. Posted to Cyprus 2nd Tour (1971) (Narrowly avoided a near mid-air collision while over the Adriatic Sea) (200 Troops in Yukon Plane).

  16. Posted to Calgary from Cyprus (1971): Unit Training with 1-PPCLI.

  17. Posted to the Golan Heights, Israel, (1975): Did tasking all over the Middle East..

  18. Posted to Ismailia, Egypt, on an additional tour of the Suez Canal.

  19. Posted to Calgary, AB, on return from the Middle East (training with 1 PPCLI).

  20. Posted immediately to Norway for exercises with the Ace Mobile Force (Winter, 1976).

  21. Posted to the Montreal Olympics, QC, (1976): Security Duties.

  22. Posted to Cyprus, Summer Tour of Duty for 6-month UN Duty, (1981): On completion, our unit left Cyprus for Lahr, Germany en route to Trenton, ON. Touched down in Trenton for fuel then took off for Calgary. A short time later we had to dump fuel over Lake Huron and returned to Trenton to change planes. Then carried on to Calgary, AS (200 Troops in Yukon Plane).

  23. Posted to NDHQ Ottawa, ON: One-year Security Assignment.

  24. Appointed to the Order of Military Merit, Ottawa, ON, (1979).

  25. Posted to 1-PPCLI Calgary, AB (1979), for Unit Training.

  26. Reached CRA Compulsory Retirement Age (1984).

  27. Retired on February 5,1984.

  28. Member of 264 legion PPCLI Association and UN Association.

  29. Presented with the NATO Medal and bar, Korean Volunteer Medal, and the UN Peacekeeping Medal after service and while in retirement.            








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