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Thomas F. (Tom) Hradec, CD, ESM
Canadian Association of Veterans
In United Nations Peacekeeping

Born:  January, 1944
Place: Victoria, British Columbia
Education: Grade 12, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Prior Civilian
Prior to joining the Army I worked in the nickel mines of Thompson, Manitoba, and worked for a short time at Burns and Co. in Prince Albert.
Military History: I joined the Canadian Army on 02 August 1962. I was enlisted in the ranks of the First Battalion of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry after completion of Basic Training.
Basic Training: First and second phases in Edmonton, Alberta. Third and final Phase was conducted in Calgary, Alberta.
Regiment: In March 1963 after completing Basic Training I was posted to Victoria, British Columbia, with the First Battalion of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.
  1. Posted to Germany with the Battalion in the fall of 1963. Remained in Germany to the fall of 1966.
  2. Posted to Edmonton, Alberta, in the fall of 1966 with the First Battalion PPCLI. While in Edmonton I was posted to Jump Company after completing my Jump Course in Rivers, Manitoba, that same year.
  3. In the spring of 1967 I was attached to the Alberta Centennial tour under the command of then Major de Chastelain. I was one of the main soldiers involved with the unarmed combat display. At completion of the Alberta tour I returned to the Battalion in Edmonton.
  4. In the Fall of 1967 I was on theJunior NCO's course conducted in Sarcee Barracks (Calgary, Alberta). Shortly after the completion of this course I was promoted to the rank of Corporal.
  5. In the spring of 1968 I was posted with the Battalion to Cyprus. While in Cyprus I was on three different outposts. The first was Stampede Corral. The second was Saddle and the third and final one was Templose.
  6. Returned to Canada in October 1968. Posted to Calgary.
  7. In October 1969 I was posted to Germany with the Second Battalion PPCLI.
  8. In 1971 the Second Battalion PPCLI and the RCR formed the Third Mech. CDO, stationed in Baden Baden, southern Germany. I was promoted to M/Cpl. in 1972 of that summer.
  9. In the fall of 1974 I was posted back to Canada to the First Battalion PPCLI stationed in Calgary. On the 15th of September 1975 I was honourably discharged from the Canadian Armed Forces. My full release was effective November 1975 after the completion of my rehab leave.
  10. Since my release from the Canadian Armed forces I was with the Alberta Correctional Services, from which I am now retired.
Medals: I have at present the following medals:
  • Canadian Decoration (CD)
  • Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal
  • Special Service Medal (NATO) SSM
  • Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (CPSM)
  • United Nations Cyprus (UNFICYP)
  • Corrections Exemplary Service Medal (ESM)
A Special Note: One thing is very dear to my heart. This is the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (CPSM). I assisted my dear friend Colonel (retired) John L. Frazer, OMM, MSC, CD with the acquiring of this Medal. Now it will be worn by more than 150,000 Canadian men and women who have served our country in the numerous UN Theaters for the past 55 years, and continue to serve for the peace and freedom of the world. I say to all you deserving recipients of this medal, that you wear this medal with great pride. You all deserve it and have made this country, Canada, proud in the manner you have served her and world peace. Thank you.

"In The Service of Peace "

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