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Raymond Richard Hessler CD
Canadian Association of Veterans
In United Nations Peacekeeping

Born: July, 1929
Place: Ernfold, Saskatchewan
Education Att. Charolette School, Ernfold District
Occupation prior to
November 1948:
November, 1948 Joined Department of National Defence (Army) at Regina, Saskatchewan (private status). Posted to Camp Borden for a portion of basic training. Transferred to Kingston, Ontario to complete basic training in 1949.
April, 1949 Transferred to Camp Borden 205 base workshop for trades training in body repair (Group 2).
December, 1949: Transferred to Calgary, Alberta, 215 workshop R.C.E.M.E. While there was periodically sent to Wainwright, Alberta, to do body and mechanical repairs.
September, 1952 Posted to No. 54 R.C.A.S.C. Tpt. Coy., Camp Borden, for preparation for posting to Germany.
October, 1953 On arrival in Germany, was sent to Hanover for purpose of moving No. 54 Tpt. Coy. to Soest. Was employed in spare parts and body repair trades. While on field maneouvres worked in specialized trades.
March, 1955 Returned to Canada, posted to No. 12 Coy, R.C.A.S.C., Regina, Saskatchewan. Completed Jr. N.C.O. course in 1956 and was promoted to rank of Corporal. While in Regina, was employed in body repair trade, and periodically sent to camp Dundurn, Saskatchewan, for same purpose.
September, 1959 Posted to R.C.E.M.E. workshop, Churchill, Manitoba, as N.C.O. in charge of body shop and paint shop.
August, 1960 Posted to R.C.A.S.C. Tpt. Coy.,Camp Wainwright, Alberta. Employed in company workshop in body repair and office work.
March, 1962 Posted to R.C.E.M.E. workshop, Camp Wainwright, as N.C.O. of body and paint shops section.
November, 1963 Posted to Egypt, U.N. E.F. (1) Duties were in the workshop of the R.C.E.M.E. as supervisor of welding, paint, body repair, radiator repair and textile sections, as N.C.O. in charge. Was promoted to L/Sgt. in February 1964. Tour of duty was for one year .
November, 1964 Posted to 1 Field Workshop R.C.E.M.E.,Calgary, Alberta.
March, 1966 Sent on course to Kingston, Ontario, for a welding conversion course. Returned qualified 3-Y, metals technician. Was periodically on manoeuvres in Camp Wainwright and Suffield, Alberta..
January, 1967 Posted to U.N. Peace Keeping, Cyprus, as supervisor of section in metal technician trade.
July, 1967 Returned to 1 Field Workshop, R.C.E.M.E., Calgary, to resume duties there.
October, 1967 Attended Sr. N.C.O. Course at R.C.E.M.E. School, Kingston, Ontario .
December, 1967 Returned to Calgary to 1 Field Workshop.
February, 1968 Promoted to Sergeant, as section N.C.O.
January, 1970 Posted to Kingston, Ontario, to the R.C.E.M.E. School to instruct in the metal technician trade.
March, 1970 Made decision to retire from Canadian Armed Forces. Returned to Calgary, Alberta in August, 1970. Was honourably released.
May, 1971 Joined King's Own Calgary Regiment (Militia). Was promoted to Warrant Officer. Was employed as R.Q.M.S. and S.S.M. H.Q. squadron. Attended field exercises in Camp Wainwright, Alberta, and Sarcee training areas, while with the regiment. Received my C.D. clasp while with this regiment.
October, 1973 Retired from the Militia with an honourable release.

1972 - 1975 I was employed by Fruehauf Trailer Co. in Calgary, Alberta, as a manufacture welder.
1975 - 1976 I was employed by I.K.O.Industries in Calgary, Alberta, as a millwright and welder.
1976 - 1991 Returned to work at Fruehauf Trailer Co. until its closure of manufacturing and service repairs.
1991 Formally retired

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