Calgary Chapter Peacekeeper


Sylvain Bouliane CD
Canadian Association of Veterans
In United Nations Peacekeeping

Born: Montreal, Nov 1955

Military history: Joined the Sea Cadets in 1966 with H.M.C.S. Pierre-de-Saurel
Joined the Canadian Armed Forces (Air element) - Nov 1972.
Basic training at BFC St-Jean
English training/Advanced English training BFC St.-Jean/CFB Borden
Attended TQ3/5/6A Structural technician MOC 612 at CFSME, CFB Chilliwack
Posted to CFB Cold Lake - Mar 1974
Attached to CFS Alert May - Aug 1976 on TRELAR project
Promoted to MCpl and attached to CCUNEFME Camp El Gala, Egypt - May 78 to Nov 1978
Promoted to Sergeant and posted to Camp Farnham, Qc as Chief Engineer - Jun 1979
Posted to CFB Lahr - Aug 1981
Instructed leadership at CF Leadership Academy - Lahr
Attended Senior Leadership Course at CFLA Borden
Attended TQ 6B - Construction & Maintenance Technician MOC 615 - CFB Chilliwack
Promoted to Warrant Officer and posted to CFB Montreal (Longue-Pointe & St-Hubert)-Aug 1985
Promoted to Master Warrant Officer & posted to CFB Edmonton - Aug 1990
Attached to UN CANCON from Sep 95 to Dec 95 for Primosten camp closure
Attached to IFOR Dec 95 to Feb 96.
Opened Camps at Corallici & Velika Kladusa, Bosnia
Retired from Canadian Forces Feb 1997; released at BFC Montreal.

Medals awarded:

Civilian: Joined the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, Montreal Det. Worked at Canadian Space Agency, Revenue Canada, & CISIS in Montreal - Nov 1997 to Mar 1998
Hired at SITQ Immobilier, Quebec City as Facility Services Coordinator - Mar 1998
Moved to Edmonton in Sep 1999, then Calgary in Mar 2000.
Presently employed with: Catholic School Board as Technical Assistant Facility & Maintenance and the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (Calgary Police Services)
Joined the RCSCC Calgary (Sea Cadets) as Instructor.


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