Calgary Chapter Peacekeeper


Frank Reaume, CD, Torchbearer 

Canadian Association of Veterans
In United Nations Peacekeeping

Born: 2 June 1941

Place: Windsor , Ontario

Education: Completed Grade 12 High School in Windsor , Ontario .

Prior Civilian Occupations: I was a truck driver for Oliver Brothers hauling tomatoes to Clark 's in Harrow , Ontario , and wheat and corn to Hiram Walker's in Walkerville , Ontario .  I also hauled a lot of topsoil for the Oliver Brothers.

Military History:

  1. I joined the RCAF [Royal Canadian Air Force] at Windsor , Ontario on 13 November 1962 .

  2. I took Basic Training at St. Jean , Quebec till February 1963.

  3. I was posted to RCAF Clinton in 1963, passed Basic Electronics there and then took Basic Radar there and flunked.

  4. I remustered to Cook and was posted to RCAF Station Downsview, Ontario in March 1964.

  5. I was posted to RCAF Station Whitehorse, Yukon in June 1964.

  6. I then went back to Windsor and married Barb on May 1, 19 65 .  We now have 2 children and 4 lovely grand children.

  7. I was posted to RCAF Station Clinton, Ontario in 1968.

  8. I was posted on Temporary Duty at the Vernon Army Cadet Camp during July and August 1969.

  9. I was posted to RCAF Station Mont Apica, Quebec in 1971.

10. I was posted to CFB Edmonton, Alberta in June 1973.

11. I was posted to Cairo , Egypt for a 6-month Peacekeeping tour at Camp El Gala [CCUNEFME] in June 1974 till December 1974.  The Canadian contingent worked out of Camp El Gala in tents next to the Cairo Airport .  The contingent was transferred to Ismailia on the same day that a Canadian Buffalo aircraft was shot down near Damascus , Syria .

12. I was Temporarily posted to Parent High School in Montreal , Quebec in June 1976 for Summer Olympic Games to feed the personnel working the Games.

13. I was posted to Ismailia , Egypt for a 2nd 6-month Peacekeeping tour [CCUNEFME] in January 1977 till July 1977.

14. I was posted to 1 Service Battalion in Calgary from CFB Edmonton in May 1978.

15. I was posted to 1 PPCLI in Calgary in 1979 - my first tour with the Army segment of the Canadian Armed Forces.

16. I cooked in the Men's Mess, the Sgts' Mess and the Officers' Mess at both Harvey Barracks and Currie Barracks in Calgary .

17. After I elected to retire at age 40 and 20 years service - I retired in September 1981.

18. I was selected to carry the Olympic Torch coming into the town of Carstairs , Alberta at about 5:30 pm for the XV Olympic Winter Games on Friday, the 12th of February, 1988 .



1. CD

2. UNEF II [CCUNEFME] Cairo & Ismailia Egypt , June-December 1974.

3. UNEF II [CCUNEFME] Ismailia , Egypt , January-July 1977.

4. Peacekeeper Medal - through CAVUNP.

Present Email address at home: <>

Present Occupation:

1. I presently work for the Calgary Board of Education as a Caretaker since July 1982 at Glenbrook Elementary School in southwest Calgary .

2. I am also the Site Webmaster for <>



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