Calgary Chapter Peacekeeper


Robert G. (Bob) McPherson
Canadian Association of Veterans
In United Nations Peacekeeping

Born: Sept 1931
Place: Hamilton, Ontario
Education: Grade 12, Saskatchewan
Prior Civilian Occupations: Sailor, labourer and candy maker
Military History: Joined the RCAF Auxiliary in 1953. Transferred to the RCAF in 1954.
  • 424 Sqdn Mount Hope 1953 - 54
  • RCAF Stn. St. Jean PQ 1954
  • RCAF Stn. Lincoln Park Calgary 1954 -1963
  • RCAF 3 Wing Zweibrucken Germany 1963 - 1966
  • CFB Moose Jaw 1966 - 1973
  • CFB Borden (CFSAL) 1973 -1975
  • 7 CFSD Edmonton 1975 - 1976
  • 73 Service Btn. UNEF Sept. l976 - Mar. 1977
  • 7 CFSD 1977 until release 12 Nov. 1980
During my service I was assigned to a number of 2 CMU projects in the North country while stationed at Lincoln Park. At Moose Jaw was assigned to travel the province for Cadet, Militia, Reserve Navy and ROTC logistics support and verifications. As a secondary duty assisted the 140 Wilcox Air Cadet Sqdn. as an advisor and instructor. Assigned to Borden for the CFSS Mk 1 computerized Supply system. As an instructor and member of the DEVIL (Development Integrated Logistics) training team assisting in developing the training course and ensuring its success. While at 7 CFSD was responsible for developing the system for the receipt, control, issue and retrieval and return to owners of all stores and equipment used for the 1978 Commonwealth Games. As part of this project I was responsible for planning and overseeing the clearing of 1/5th of the Depot floor space and the assembly of appropriate racking and shelving for the storage of games equipment. I was responsible for the hiring and supervision of temporary civilian staff to operate the games warehouse area. In 1979 I was seconded for four months to the Chairman of the Alberta Summer Games to do the same tasking as was required for the Commonwealth Games. I received A DND Certificate of Merit for my work on the Commonwealth Games

I retired on 12 November 1980 with the rank of Warrant Officer. I walked out of the back door of 7 CFSD on a Friday afternoon and into the front door of the University Hospitals in Edmonton on the following Monday morning. The next five years were spent as Manager of 122 staff operating Stores, Receipts, Distribution of all products including Laundry and Pharmaceuticals, Patient Portering and General Portering Services, Transportation and Waste Removal. I was with the Alberta Hospitals Project Management Group as Manager of the Logistics operations at the Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary for the next several years. My final position was at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary, where after one year I retired.

My spare time activities include Membership in the Calgary Military Historical Society, the Collecting of International Medal Ribbons, Volunteer work for the Museum of the Regiments and the CAVUNP Calgary Chapter.



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