Calgary Chapter Peacekeeper


John (Jack) Alfred Patton Ford Sgt. Ret.

Canadian Association of Veterans
In United Nations Peacekeeping

I was born in Ottawa on the 4th of May 1941. Dad was in the Signal corp and then the Medical Corps so I moved around a bit. While in Whitehorse I joined Cadets 1st the RMR until it was disbanded and then joined the Air Cadets. In Edmonton I continued with the Air Cadets until just before my 16th birthday when I joined the Young Soldier Training Plan and served in the Loyal Edmonton Regt for 1 year and then joined the regular force.

Signed the dotted line in 10Pd Calgary and was immediately on my way to Kingston and 30 years with the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals from 10 July 1958 to 15 October 1988.

Started as a R&TG Op with postins to 1 Sig Sqn Calgary May 1959 to Sept 59 

              56 Sig Sqn Egypt Sep 59 to Apr 60  

              3 Sig Sqn Gagetown May 60 to Oct 60 

              RCD Sig Tp Gagetown Oct 60 to Feb 61

remustered to RET and posted to 

                  3 Sig Sqn Gagetown Aug 61 til Nov 61        

               Rcd Sig Tp Gagetown Nov 61 to Dec 62

               57 Sig Unit Congo Dec 62 to Dec 63

               13 Pd Ottawa Dec 63 to Mar 64

               BC Sig Sqn Vancouver Mar 64 to Aug 64

               Bc Sig Sqn Nanaimo Aug 64 to Nov 69

(During this time I was finally in one place long enough to get my gp3 and be promoted to Cpl. It was Here that I met and married my wife Dorothy.)

              4CMBG HQ&Sig Sqn Germany Nov 69 to Jul 74 !

               PPCLl Calgary Jul 74 to Sep 76

               Svc Bn Maint Coy Sep 76 toOct 79  

               CampWainwrightMaint Oct 79 to Aug 73

I was promoted Sgt and returned to 1 Svc Bn Calgary until I retired.




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